Compressibility-Machine – Model 1620



Compressibility Machine – Model 1620

The Model 1620 Compressibility Test Machine provides a complete workstation to evaluate the compressibility of friction materials at ambient and elevated temperatures up to 600°C.

The test stand is manufactured in compliance with U.S. and CE standards and features enhancements to conform with world wide testing requirements. Typical materials tested on this machine include: disc and drum brake linings, wet friction and transmission materials, noise insulators, and gaskets.

Ease of operation combined with accurate and reproducible measurements, make the Model 1620 an ideal instrument for quality control, product development research, or other compliance applications

The Model 1620 Compressibility Test Machine is recognized throughout the world for standard compressibility testing. This unit provides excellent precision and repeatability whether you wish to measure deflection to 1 micron or have consistent measurements over thousands of samples.

ProLink™ specific software running under Microsoft® Windows® controls the operation of the tester, acquires all required data, and prepares standard or custom tests. A user-friendly facility is provided for entering test parameters and defining the test sequence. Whether one wishes to run SAE J2468, ISO 6310, or other procedures such tests can be easily preformed with the Model 1620.

To begin testing a sample is placed on the platen of the machine. The platen may remain at ambient temperature or be heated up to 600°C. An adapter serves to simulate the piston used in service. Upon initiation of the testing sequence, a specified force is applied to the sample at a defined rate. Sample deflection versus load is measured and plotted for the first and last compression cycles. Test results of the first and last cycles are summarized on one page containing tabular and graphical data.*

*extract from the data sheet of Link Europe GmbH data sheet download