Squeal Rig Dynamometer for NVH Testing – Model 3900SR



Squeal Rig Dynamometer for NVH Testing – Model 3900SR

For those looking for a dynamometer optimized for brake NVH evaluation, the Model 3900 SR is ideal.

The Model 3900SR Squeal Rig NVH Dynamometer provides capability for noise and vibration testing of corner and axle type brake fixtures. This machine provides the ability to reproduce squeal noise. It can replicate the test conditions specified in all international brake NVH test standards. This includes all aspects of the SAE J2521 procedure.

The Squeal Rig uses a single, small, fixed-disc mounted on the back of the motor, and inertia simulation for testing. It can perform drag tests and full stops for vehicles ranging from the smallest passenger cars to transporters.

The double-wall enclosure provides a high transmission loss that allows for environmental testing and noise testing.

The walk-in type will accommodate full vehicle corner sections and axle fixtures as well as conventional fixtures.

The enclosure provides a free field sound environment that simulates what is seen by the braking system during normal operation on the road. It also contains brake noise emanating from the test, to prevent it from contaminating other tests or the general environment room exterior.

Additionally the enclosure is constructed to allow environmental testing using one of several optional environmental conditioning units. These units provide the test chamber with temperature ranges from –20º C to 50º C and humidities from 10 to 90% R.H.

The NVH module is based on the Brüel & Kjær Portable PULSE™ system. The base configuration for the system provides 6 channels for noise and vibration measurement.

The PULSE™ system runs under the ProLink™ software package to maximize the ease of use while providing a full set of noise and vibration analysis capabilities. The user does not have to be concerned with the details of the analyzer configuration. ProLink™ takes care of these operations.*

*extract from the data sheet of Link Europe GmbH data sheet download